H.I.I.T. All Inclusive Program

$9.97 / month


  • ALL “H.I.I.T.” LIVE Online Classes (5 classes per week).
  • LIVE Chat.
  • LIVE Interaction with Instructor via the LIVE CHAT.
  • FULL ACCESS to our HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO LIBRARY of all our archived “H.I.I.T.” online classes. This library grows weekly!
  • Comment Feature. Comment on your favorite videos and give feedback. We LOVE feedback.
  • Private Facebook Support Group. You will get this secret information once you become our next EPIC member!


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No Equipment required.




Our most POPULAR class!
Not only is this a class, it is a PROGRAM.


High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) workouts are meant to boost your metabolism, burn calories, build lean muscle (the long lean sexy type of muscle) while keeping the fire ignited for hours after the workout is complete. We do this through our ever changing class formats (you will never get bored), targeted exercises, metabolic conditioning intervals and cardio blasts.

Each week we break up each of the 56-minute classes into specific body parts to give you the most of each workout making it a great workout program you can do 5 days a week.

New to standard H.I.I.T. training? Don’t sweat it! We always offer modifications and if you chat with the Instructor during class, we can make it very specific to your limitations. LET’S DO THIS!

H.I.I.T. runs LIVE 5x per week (20x per month)


MONDAYS at 11:45 AM EST / Lower Body, Core and Cardio

TUESDAYS at 11:45 AM EST / Upper Body, Core and Cardio

THURSDAYS at 11:45 AM EST / Lower Body, Core and Cardio

FRIDAYS at 11:45 AM EST / Upper Body, Core and Cardio

SATURDAYS at 11:45 AM EST  / Total Body, Core and Cardio